5 Unique Things for Your YouTube Marketing Video

Your You Tube marketing video doesn’t just have to contain information about your product or services. In fact, there are scores of different things that you can do with your video to make it the perfect marketing video.

As a matter of fact, most advertisements on You Tube, unless they are especially unique, actually turn people off. Why? People people go on You Tube to be entertained and to learn information-not to try to be suckered into buying things.

So what else can you do with your You Tube marketing video?

1. Interview someone who is an expert in the field that you are promoting. For example, let’s say that you own a garage and you’re trying to get customers interested in taking their cars to you. Go down to the local mechanics school and interview one of the professors. Get him to give you tips on car maintenance in the wintertime.

By doing this, your viewers are learning something valuable. At the end, you can still include your contact information. In essence, you are still marketing your business or product, but you are also giving people something to remember as well.

2. Give your audience a tour of the facility. This is a good idea if you own a restaurant or a small factory. Take your audience of a tour of it in order to give them a “behind the scenes” feel. A restaurant would be particularly good because people like to see how a restaurant runs. It will also give you a chance to show off your staff.

3. Actually show someone using your product or services. This is akin to customer testimonials, which can also be good. One of the reasons that infomercials are so successful is because they are very good at showing seemingly “real” people using the services. They make it appear easy, too. Instead of just showing off your product, try to record someone really using it.

4. If you are promoting an event, show clips from past events. Be as creative as possible. Add music. There’s nothing like showing people having a good time to get others interested in doing the same.

5. Use product placement by working with other people. Use their products in your videos and do the same for them. Make sure that you mention what the other product is, though, or else your audience might just think it is a prop.