YouTube Video Editing and Free Youtube Download Software Overview

Video editing for YouTube is a complex and painstaking process. One cannot do without special programs, but how to choose the best path? Is it enough to use the free youtube download service and other similar programs? You need to pay for good software, but there are known products that are distributed completely free. We will talk about the best editors and give professional advice. After reading the article, you can create decent videos for YouTube.

What is needed for video editing

For high-quality editing of material, you need video editor – a special program in which clips for YouTube are mounted. Someone wants to install video for YouTube for free, someone needs serious tools. Popular Vegas Pro does not support all formats, so newer bloggers will eventually switch to Premiere Pro.

Experienced youtuber are advised to immediately master professional applications, so that later you do not relearn and do not lose precious time. The functionality, interface, and operating mechanisms of such applications differ little. The difference is in the supported formats and additional options.

Professional editing

If you are attracted to professional video editing, tune in to the purchase of expensive equipment and licensed software. Creating high-quality videos is a long and tedious process. If you downloaded the program in English, learning becomes more difficult. You can identify a professional editor by the word “Pro” in the title. Download this product – and start to understand.

Amateur editing

With amateur video editing, free solutions with a simple interface come to the fore. Some of the proposed options have paid versions with advanced features. Here is a list of the most requested applications of this kind:

  1. Lightworks.
  2. Shotcut.
  3. Corel VideoStudio.
  4. VEGAS Movie Studio.
  5. Adobe Premiere Elements.

Video editing software

Ratings are a conditional thing. Before you download the video editor for YouTube, study the reviews, try the trial versions. There are programs that cost their owners $ 25-50, but it’s a pity to throw such money away. We have compiled a kind of top application, well-established among professional YouTube users.

Top Video editing Software

The better the product, the more money you have to pay for it – this is a well-known law. When choosing software, focus on your needs. To simplify your life, give preference to budget or free editors. High quality is required – check the table below. The presented software has 30-day trial versions, and then you will have to buy a license.

Adobe Premiere Pro – Movies are displayed in SWF, Blu-Ray and other formats. Allows you to perform operations of any complexity. Adds music, animation, special effects and text.

Vegas Pro – Even the creators of short films use this editor. Extensive functionality. There is a Russian interface.

Edius Pro – The main advantage of YouTube video processing with this application is its high speed. Films, TV shows, clips and TV shows are mounted. Of the minuses – the English interface.

Final Cut Pro X – A convenient and fast application for Apple technology with a pleasant Russian-language interface. If you have a powerful computer, processing time is reduced significantly.

video editing software

Good Software

There are good software products whose level is not very different from those listed above. Here, too, monthly limits for free use are provided. But only licensed versions will not hit your wallet much. Here is a list of the most popular solutions:

1. Movavi Video Editor. It works under Windows, but there are versions compatible with Mac. All popular formats are supported (MP4, AVI, WMA, etc.). There are filters and special effects, as well as the option of digitizing from tuners and old video tapes.

2. Video Installation. The primitive interface allows beginners to quickly master this editor. The entire installation fits in five steps. Minus is a ten-day trial period.

3. Avid Media Composer. Professional editor used by the creators of Avatar and Transformers. A lot of instruments and special effects. The intricate interface will cause a beginner a slight panic.

4. Pinnacle Studio. You will be pleasantly surprised by how long the video processing on YouTube takes in this editor. Extensive functionality, convenience interface. There are about 2000 special effects and transitions.

Top Free Software

Not all bloggers set themselves the task of professionally managing the channel. Some projects are created for friends, relatives or a narrow circle of like-minded people. Here is the list of software recommended in this case:

  1. Windows Movie Maker. A standard movie studio built into all operating systems from Microsoft to Windows 8 inclusive. In recent years, the program has not been updated, but you can download it for free.
  2. Avidemux. With this product, cut and scale videos, apply filters, music and effects. The minus is not the most convenient interface.
  3. Lightworks. High-quality mounts and optimizes the rollers. Installation is non-linear. If you use the program for free, a digital signature will appear in the frame.
  4. VirtualDub. The functionality is standard, you can cut files, insert captions, audio tracks and pictures. An important advantage is that the program is copied, not installed.

Online Video Editors

If you need fast video processing for YouTube, use the online editor. The advantage of such services is obvious – you do not have to install anything. The functionality is not stellar, but simple tasks are solved. Here are the most popular resources:

  • Online Video-Cutter;
  • built-in YouTube editor;
  • Life2Film;
  • Magisto;
  • Stupeflix.

Let’s summarize. We tried to cover the best and most sought after video expert editors, but you can’t list everything. Sort through options, read reviews and life hacks. Master editing and create your own videos.